About the Spring 2017 Project

Information coming soon.

About the Spring 2016 Project

With permit in hand from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the pending permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers, major restoration has begun on a vital project to enhance one of our community’s local treasures, Bathtub Reef Beach, as well as the northern half of Sailfish Point Beach. 

Martin County has selected Ferreira Construction to perform the work which will use sand from the St. Lucie Inlet and nearby flood shoals to build the beach.

Funding for this project comes from multiple sources, including, a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that was included in this year’s state legislative budget and a 50 percent cost share with the Sailfish Point Property Owners Association.  A FEMA reimbursement from hurricane damages sustained in 2012 is also under review and may provide additional funding. 

The goal is for the project to be completed in May 2016.

Martin County’s Coastal Engineering Division plan for the restoration effort is the most cost-efficient as well as the most environmentally sensitive approach. Sand will be dredged from the flood shoals and the impoundment basin of the St Lucie Inlet located immediately south of these beaches. This will help maintain the safety and navigability of the Inlet for local boaters. The sand will then be piped to the beach and distributed from that point across 4,900 feet of coastline, from just north of Bathtub Beach and extending south into Sailfish Point.

This approach provides a high quality recreational beach, increased storm protection and is designed to protect the integrity of the fragile Sabellariid worm reef that serves as both a critical marine habitat and protective barrier at Bathtub Beach.

Part of the project will restore the 100 parking spaces in the Bathtub Beach parking lot that were lost over the last several years as the beach eroded and sand had to be piled up in the parking area. 

While the construction may be frustrating to some beach visitors in the short-term, and cause inconveniences, the end result will be a bigger and better Bathtub Reef Beach – one that more closely resembles the way the beach used to be. 

We appreciate the community’s patience as the construction takes place!