Spring 2017 Bathtub Reef Beach Renourishment Timeline

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2016 Bathtub Reef Beach Construction and Renourishment Timeline

February 17

  • Pipe that will be used to pump sand from the dredge in Borrow Area C will be submerged and marked with buoys as necessary

February 18

  • The Lori Hill dredge moved on location to the east side of an area in the St. Lucie Inlet flood shoals known as Borrow Area C.

February 19 through March 19

  • Dredging begins on the east end of Borrow Area C within the St. Lucie Inlet and work its way from east to west.
  • The booster pump will be floating just west of the shoal in the impoundment basin in the St. Lucie Inlet. This pump is used to increase the velocity at which the sand is pumped the long distance from the dredge to the beach.
  • Sand placement will begin at FDEP R-monument 39.5 (as seen on the map) working south to north and adding on to the pipeline as necessary.
  • The pipeline corridor will cross the inlet. The pipeline will be submerged, crossing the navigation channel and re-emerging onto the beach at the North Jetty moving north as the project continues.  

March 16 through March 23

  • At the same time sand is being dredged from Borrow Area C of the St. Lucie Inlet, pipe will also be run to Borrow Area A to allow  transition from one borrow area to another depending on the weather within the inlet .
  • The pipeline will continue to be submerged across the navigation channel and remain on the beach starting at the North Jetty and continuing north to the construction area along the beach. Beach fill will continue from south to north.

March 24 through April 8

  • Upon completion of dredging from Borrow Area C of the Inlet, the dredge will be moved to Borrow Area A. Dredging of Borrow Area A will be performed from east to west.

April 9 through April 14

  • The dredge will move to the navigation channel moving from west to east. Beach fill will continue from south to north.

April 15 through April 21

  • The dredge will begin dredging in the impoundment area starting from west to east. Beach fill will continue from south to north.
  • Dune reconstruction and sand placement north of Bathtub Reef Beach will occur through mechanical placement using dozers and off road trucks to transport the material from the stockpile and place directly on the beach. This is due to the reef being so close to shore.

April 22 through April 30

  • Piping that was placed along the beach will be removed and the new sand that has been placed on the beach will be tilled so as to create a better environment in which sea turtles can dig their nests.